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KSR works with clients to define their business, understand the reasons why customers should want to buy the company's product(s) or use the services, and articulate how the company positions their products and services.

KSR communicates an understanding of key marketing terms—the building blocks of marketing strategy—and the critical role of consumer relationships.

KSR builds “means-end’ chains for targeted consumer segments, identifying the attributes, consequences, and values that reflect the way consumers think about the product and service experience.

KSR enables a company to effectively provide consumers with compelling answers to positioning questions. We develop perceptual maps, attribute ratings, segmentation data, and positioning statements to establish the distinct values of a firm's offerings in the minds of customers.

KSR Product Strategies reinforce the importance of branding and its influence on a product. We identify the formal and augmented core characteristics of a product that targets varying consumer segments and we emphasize the importance of effective product management by defining products and communicating their benefits to consumers.

The KSR Marketing Mix is the key to product, price, place, and promotion, as well as how they are used to conceive, organize, and execute a marketing strategy.

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